Values in Social Work

Reshaping Social Work
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Provides a new model of practice for reengaging with the values of social justice in social work
1. Introduction.- 2. The Social Work Context.- 3. Them and Us.- 4. Current Ethical Approaches and Care.- 5. Connecting an Ethics of Care with Ethical Stress: as Easy as it Sounds?.- 6. Social Justice.- 7. Relationship Based Practice.- 8. Ethical Stress, Anxiety and Professional Practice.- 9. Conclusion.
Principles of social justice lie at the heart of the social work profession. This book examines the current climate of social work practice and the challenges presented by neoliberalism. It puts forward a model for reconnecting with more traditional social justice values and doing the right thing rather than just doing things the right way.
Autor: Jane Fenton
Jane is a senior lecturer at the University of Dundee, where she has worked for approximately ten years. Her research interests were motivated by her twelve years' experience in criminal justice social work, and her observation that social work values were being eroded as managerialism took hold. Subsequently, her research interests have evolved into the exploration of a wider disconnect between social work values and practice, particularly in regards to social justice. She publishes regularly on these topics.
Jane is a member of the Editorial Board of Social Work Education: the International Journal, a member of the Management Board of Critical and Radical Social Work and is a regular peer reviewer for several social work journals. She is the co-ordinator for the Dundee branch of the Social Work Action Network.

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Autor: Jane Fenton
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