Gender in Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe and the USSR

Gender and History
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An engaging and clear introduction to gender history in Eastern Europe and the USSR, covering both established and newer topics, such as motherhood, activism and transnational histories of sexuality.
Introduction: Gender in 20th-Century Eastern Europe and the USSR; Catherine Baker.- PART I: BETWEEN THE FIN-DE-SIECLE AND THE INTERWAR PERIOD 1. Czech Motherhood and Fin-de-Siècle Visual Culture; Cynthia Paces.- 2. British-Yugoslav Lesbian Networks During and After the Great War; Olga Dimitrijevi? and Catherine Baker.- 3. Creating 'New Soviet Women' in Armenia? Gender and Tradition in the Early Soviet South Caucasus; Jo Laycock and Jeremy Johnson.- PART II: GENDER REGIMES OF REVOLUTION AND WAR 4. Mothers of a New World: Maternity and Culture in the Soviet Period; Jenny Kaminer.- 5. Life and Fate: Race, Nationality, Class, and Gender in Wartime Poland; Katherine R. Jolluck.- 6. Female Red Army Soldiers in World War II and Beyond; Kerstin Bischl.- 7. Soviet Masculinities and Revolution; Erica L. Fraser.- PART III: GENDER POLITICS AND STATE SOCIALIST POWER 8. Gender and Youth Work Actions in Post-War Yugoslavia; Ivan Simi?.- 9. Listing Homosexuals since the 1920s and under State Socialism in Hungary; Judit Takács.- 10. Everyday: Intimate Politics under Communism in Romania; Maria Bucur.- PART IV: GENDER DURING AND AFTER THE COLLAPSE OF COMMUNISM 11. Masculinity and Dissidence in Eastern Europe in the 1980s; Anna Muller.- 12. What is Political in Post-Yugoslav Feminist Activism?; Adriana Zaharijevi?.- 13. Gender and Professional Work in Russia and Hungary; Maria Adamson and Erika Kispeter.- 14. Transnational 'LGBT' Politics after the Cold War and Implications for Gender History; Catherine Baker.- Select Bibliography.
A concise and accessible introduction to the gender histories of eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in the twentieth century. These essays juxtapose established topics in gender history such as motherhood, masculinities, work and activism with newer areas, such as the history of imprisonment and the transnational history of sexuality.
Autor: Catherine Baker
Edited By Catherine Baker

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