The Allies and the German Problem, 1941-1949: From Cooperation to Alternative Settlement

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Introduction 1. The Deliberations Begin, 1941-1944 2. The Stage is Set: The Conferences of Yalta and Potsdam 3. Cooperation and Conflict, 1945-1946 4. From Cooperation to Impasse, 1947 5. From Impasse to Alternative Settlement, 1948-1949 Conclusion
The Allies and the German Problem, 1941-1949 examines Allied policymaking during the Second World War and the military occupation of postwar Germany, demonstrating how the initial unity of the Allies disintegrated during the postwar military occupation in the face of their separate goals for postwar Germany and Europe.
Autor: Andrew Szanajda
Andrew Szanajda

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Autor: Andrew Szanajda
ISBN-13 :: 9781137527714
ISBN: 1137527714
Erscheinungsjahr: 05.05.2015
Gewicht: 308g
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Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2015
Sonstiges: Buch, 216x140x11 mm
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