Games and Gaming in Medieval Literature

The New Middle Ages
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FIRST: No volume exists that explores the significance of "game" in the Middle Ages from a comparative perspective and its intersections with medieval literature
"Introduction: Setting Up the Board
1. ""Ludus inhonestus et illicitus?"" Chess, Games, and the Church in Medieval Europe; Robert Bubczyk
2. Games and Education in Medieval England; Nicholas Orme
3. Words with Friends, Courtly Edition: The Jeux-Partis of Thibaut de Champagne; Daniel E. O''Sullivan
4. Sexy, Naughty, and Lucky in Love: Playing Ragemon le Bon in English Gentry Households; Serina Patterson
5. Church, Court, and Tavern: Games and Social Hierarchy in Some Medieval Motets; Tamsyn Rose-Steel
6. Colonizing the Otherworld in Walewein; Jenny Adams
7. The Knight''s Earnest Game in Chaucer''s The Canterbury Tales; Nora Corrigan
8. ""Rounes to Rede"": Ludic Reading Games in the Alliterative Wheel of Fortune Poem Somer Soneday; Kimberly Bell
9. Textual Games and Virtuality in Spanish Cancionero Poetry; Juan Escourido

Afterword: Medieval Ludens; Betsy McCormick
The first-of-its-kind, Games and Gaming in Medieval Literature explores the depth and breadth of games in medieval literature and culture. Chapters span from the twelfth to the sixteenth centuries, and cover England, France, Denmark, Poland, and Spain, re-examining medieval games in diverse social settings such as the church, court, and household.
Editiert von: Serina Patterson
Edited By Serina Patterson

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