Psychoanalysis and Social Involvement: Interpretation and Action

Studies in the Psychosocial
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This book provides a comparative investigation of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and activism, in particular relation to Israeli-Palestinian relations
Preface Introduction: Structure and Overview of the Book's Main Themes PART I: THE SUBJECT 1. Being a Subject 2. Subject to a Body 3. Psychotherapy and being a Subject - Basic Assumptions 4. Psychotherapy and being a Subject - Positions 5. Subject and Self PART II: INTERPRETATION AND ACTION 6. Enactment and Analycity 7. Speech as Action 8. Positions Revisited 9. Interpretation, Enactment and Ethics PART III: THE OTHER 10. Enactment and the Positioning of the Other 11. The Personal Other 12. The Subject and the Personal Other 13. From the Personal Other to the Other PART IV: THIRDNESS 14. The Specular Third 15. Orthogonality 16. Triangulation and Identification 17. The Otherness of the Other PART V: THE INJURY 18. The Injury 19. The Analytic Identification of the Injury 20. The Analyst's Recognition of the Injury 21. The Symmetrisation of the Injury 22. Transference and its Injuries PART VI: FROM THE ANALYTIC TO THE POST-COLONIAL 23. From the Other to the (Post)Colonial 24. Jessica Benjamin 25. Trauma and Memory, Shoah and Nakba PART VII: OCCUPATION AND ANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY 26. Resistance 27. Violence 28. Reconciliation 29. Psychoanalytic Reconciliation PART VIII: ACTIVISM 30. Activism 31. Postness PART IX: PSYCHOLOGICAL ACTIVISM IN THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN ARENA 32. The Parents Circle Families Forum 33. The Mutual Acknowledgement Project 34. The Third in the Palestinian-Israeli Field 35. Psychoactive PART X: THERAPY AND POLITICS 36. Compartmentalization and Analycity 37. Political Talk in Analysis Epilogue: The Ethical and the True
This book considers psychoanalysis as an ethical enterprise, both on the level of the individual in analytic psychotherapy, and on the level of society in the global struggle for human and civil rights. Hadar examines the struggle against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lives from a Lacanian psychoanalytical perspective.
Autor: U. Hadar
Uri Hadar

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Autor: U. Hadar
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