Congress, the Supreme Court, and Religious Liberty: The Case of City of Boerne V. Flores

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TIMELY: The role of the Supreme Court is a constant part of the national conversation, in and out of the academy.
1. The Road to RFRA 2. Boerne, Texas and St. Peter Apostolic Catholic Church 3. A Building Permit Denied 4. Separation of Powers and Federalism in the Rehnquist Court 5. The Federal District Court and the Court of Appeal 6. The Supreme Court Decision 7. Political Reaction 8. Back in Boerne
In the case City of Boerne v. Flores, the Supreme Court struck down the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. Waltman offers the first book-length analysis of the act to show how this case contributes to an intense legal debate still ongoing today: Can and should the Supreme Court be the exclusive interpreter of the Constitution?
Autor: J. Waltman
Jerold Waltman

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Autor: J. Waltman
ISBN-13 :: 9781137300638
ISBN: 1137300639
Erscheinungsjahr: 14.06.2013
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Auflage 2013
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