The Moor and the Novel: Narrating Absence in Early Modern Spain

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Acknowledgements PART I: INTRODUCTION 1. Muslim Absence as Literary Aperture PART II: SONGS OF THE PAST 2. Epic Nostalgia: The Ballads of the Cancionero Musical de Palacio and the Vihuela Songbook 3. The Novel Moor: El Abencerraje and Ginés Pérez de Hita's Guerras Civiles de Granada: Historia de los bandos de los Zegríes y los Abencerrajes PART III: HISTORIES OF THE PRESENT 4. Marking the Present: Literary Innovation in Ginés Pérez de Hita's La guerra de los moriscos 5. Pater and Patria: Cervantes's Muslim Fathers Bibliography Index
This book reveals fundamental connections between nationalist violence, religious identity, and the origins of the novel in the early modern period. Through fresh interpretations of music, literature, and history it argues that the expulsion of the Muslim population created a historic and artistic aperture that was addressed in new literary forms.
Autor: Mary B. Quinn
Mary B. Quinn is Assistant Professor of Spanish in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of New Mexico, USA.

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Autor: Mary B. Quinn
ISBN-13 :: 9781137299925
ISBN: 1137299924
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Auflage 2013
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