Democracy in the Age of Globalization and Mediatization

Challenges to Democracy in the
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This book provides a new perspective on democracy and the many challenges that it faces in the 21st Century
Introduction - The New Challenges To Democracy; H.Kriesi Globalization Mediatization Content Of The Volume PART I: DEMOCRACY - A MOVING TARGET OF GREAT COMPLEXITY AND VARIABILITY Democracy As A Moving Target; H.Kriesi The Existence Of A Demos The Existence Of A State The Cultural Preconditions The Economic Preconditions The International Context And Diffusion The Preconditions For Political Communication Conclusion Models For Democracy; M.Bühlmann & H.Kriesi Responsiveness Accountability Extensions Of The Model For Representative Democracy Conclusion Varieties Of Democracy; H.Kriesi & D.Bochsler Five Dimensions Of Democracy Measurement The Overall Configuration The Positioning Of The Democracies In The Five-Dimensional Space Trade Offs Conclusion PART II: THE CHALLENGES OF GLOBALIZATION AND MEDIATIZATION Globalization And The Vertical Challenge To Democracy; S.Lavenex The Vertical Transformation Of Democracy Models Of International Polity Formation Challenges To Democracy Conclusion Globalization And The Horizontal Promotion Of Democracy; S.Lavenex Models Of External Democracy Promotion Effectiveness Of EU Democracy Promotion Conclusion Mediatization As A Challenge: Media Logic Versus Political Logic; F.Esser Mediation And Mediatization Mediatization Of Politics: An Institutionalist Perspective Self-Mediatization Of Politics The Political Logic The Media Logic Conclusion Mediatization Effects On Political News, Political Actors, Political Decisions And Political Audiences; F. Esser & J.Matthes Mediatization Of Politics As A Multi-Dimensional Concept Precondition: Independence Of The News Media From Political Institutions Challenge 1: Mediatization Of Political Reality In 'News' Challenge 2: Consequences Of Mediatization On Political Actors And Organizations Challenge 3: Consequences Of Mediatization On Political Organizations And Decisions Making Institutions Challenge 4: Consequences Of Mediatized Information For Citizens 236 Conclusion Conclusion: An Assessment Of The State Of Democracy Given The Challenges Of Globalization And Mediatization; H.Kriesi The Global Spread Of Democracy The Vertical Spread Of Democracy The Democratization Of Established Democracies Conclusion References
This book provides comprehensive coverage of the models of contemporary democracy; its social, cultural, economic and political prerequisites; its empirically existing varieties and its two major challenges - globalization and mediatization. The book also covers the global spread of democracy and its spread into supranational democracies.
Autor: H. Kriesi, D. Bochsler, J. Matthes
Hanspeter Kriesi, Daniel Bochsler, Jörg Matthes, Sandra Lavenex, Marc Bühlmann and Frank Esser

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Autor: H. Kriesi
ISBN-13 :: 9781137299857
ISBN: 1137299851
Erscheinungsjahr: 11.01.2013
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Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2013
Sonstiges: Buch, 218x142x20 mm
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