Asian Thought on China's Changing International Relations

Palgrave Studies in Internatio
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Current preoccupations with the rise of China make this a highly topical book
Introduction: Are Asia's Thinkers Accommodating China's Rise?; Niv Horesh PART I: CHINESE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS REFRAMED? 1. Chinese Exceptionalism and the Politics of History; William A. Callahan 2. A Realist Never Changes His Spots: A Critical Analysis of Yan Xuetong's Turn to Culture in Chinese International Relations; Linsay Cunningham-Cross 3. Wang Gungwu and the Study of China's International Relations; Yongnian Zheng and Dan Wu 4. On Wang Hui's Contribution to an 'Asian School of Chinese International Relations'; Ralph Weber PART II: REFLECTIONS ON CHINESE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 5. Australian Intellectual and Popular Responses to China's Rise; Colin Mackerras 6. Respected and Suspected: Middle Eastern Perceptions of China's Rise; Yitzhak Shichor 7. Kazakh Responses to the Rise of China: Between Elite Band-wagoning and Societal Ambivalence?; Michael Clarke 8. Korean Responses to Historic Narratives of Sino-Korean Relations and China's New International Relations Thinking; Hyun Jin Kim 9. Japanese Intellectual Responses to China's Rise; Peter Mauch 10. How Can They Theorize? Strategic Insensitivity towards Nascent Chinese International Relations Thinking in Taiwan; Chih-yu Shih and Ching-chang Chen Conclusion: Recognizing Chinese International Relations Theory; Emilian Kavalski
At the end of the Cold War, commentators were pondering how far Western ideas would spread; today, the debate seems to be how far Chinese ideas will reach. This volume examines Chinese international relations thought and practices, identifying the extent to which China's rise has provoked fresh geo-strategic and intellectual shifts within Asia.
Autor: Emilian Kavalski
Editiert von: N. Horesh
Edited By Niv Horesh and Emilian Kavalski

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Autor: Emilian Kavalski
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