First World Hunger Revisited

Food Charity or the Right to Food?
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This bookinvestigates the rise of food charity and corporately sponsored food banks as effective and sustainable responses to increasing food poverty in twelve rich 'food-secure' societies
Foreword by Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food (2008-2014) 1. Hunger in the Rich World: Food Aid and Right to Food Perspectives; Graham Riches and Tiina Silvasti 2. Food Banks in Australia: Discouraging the Right to Food; Sue Booth 3. A Right to Food Approach: Public Food Banks in Brazil; Cecilia Rocha 4. Canada: Thirty Years of Food Charity and Public Policy Neglect; Graham Riches and Valerie Tarasuk 5. Hunger and Food Aid in Estonia: a Local Authority and Family Obligation; Jüri Kõre 6. Hunger in a Nordic Welfare State: Finland; Tiina Silvasti and Jouko Karjalainen 7. Poverty Amid Growth: post-1997 Hong Kong Food Banks; Kwong-leung Tang, Yu-hong Zhu and Yan-yan Chen 8. Privatising the Right to Food: Aotearoa/New Zealand; Mike O'Brien 9. Between Markets and Masses: Food Assistance and Food Banks in South Africa; Sheryl Hendriks and Angela McIntyre 10. Erosion of Rights, Uncritical Solidarity and Food Banks in Spain; Karlos Pérez de Armiño 11. Food Banking in Turkey: Conservative Politics in a Neo-liberal State; Mustafa Koc 12 Food Banks and Food Justice in 'Austerity; Elizabeth Dowler 13. Food Assistance, Hunger and the End of Welfare in the USA; Janet Poppendieck 14. Hunger and Food Charity in Rich Societies: What Hope for the Right to Food?; Tiina Silvasti and Graham Riches References
Is food aid the way of the future? What are the prospects for integrated public policies informed by the right to food? First World Hunger Revisited investigates the rise of food charity and corporately sponsored food banks as effective and sustainable responses to increasing hunger and food poverty in twelve rich 'food-secure' societies.
Editiert von: G. Riches, T. Silvasti
Edited By Graham Riches and Tiina Silvasti

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