Civil Society and Democracy Promotion

Challenges to Democracy in the
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1. Introduction; Irene Hahn-Fuhr and Susann Worschech 2. External Democracy Promotion and Divided Civil Society: The Missing Link; Irene Hahn-Fuhr and Susann Worschech 3. External Democracy Promotion and Civil Society in Non-Democratic Regimes - Modes and Effects; Timm Beichelt and Wolfgang Merkel 4. From the Unity of Goodness to Conflicting Objectives: The Inherent Tensions in the External Promotion of Democracy and Civil Society; Jonas Wolff 5. The Changing Nature of EU Support to Civil Society; Natalia Shapovalova and Richard Youngs 6. On the Tradeoffs of Assisting Civil Society Development Abroad: The Case of the Eastern EU Civic Democracy Promoters; Tsveta Petrova 7. Democratization from Below: Civil Society Versus Social Movements?; Donatella Della Porta 8. Engineered Civil Society: the impact of 20 years of Democracy Promotion on Civil society Development in the Former Soviet Countries; Armine Ishkanian 9. Who is Supported by Western Civil Society Promotion? The Russian Case; Stepanka Busuleanu 10. Participation in Civil Society Organizations and Political Parties in Post-Communist Europe: The Impact of Political Divides; Franziska Blomberg and Edina Szöcsik 11. Democracy promotion and civil society in Eastern Europe: Conclusions; Frank Schimmelfennig
With contributions from experts on democracy promotion, this volume examines civil society development and external civil society promotion in post-socialist Europe. It focuses on countries with a failed or deficient process of democratic consolidation looking at unintended consequences of external democracy promotion on civil society development.
Editiert von: T. Beichelt, I. Hahn, F. Schimmelfennig
Edited By Timm Beichelt, Irene Hahn, Frank Schimmelfennig and Susann Worschech

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