Dime Novels and the Roots of American Detective Fiction

Crime Files
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List of Tables Acknowledgements 1. The Case of the Missing Detectives; or, Reassessing the American Contribution to Detective Fiction 2. The Happy-Ending Deception; or, Uncovering the Subversive Potential of Detective Dime Novels 3. The Case of the Contaminated Icon; or, Allan Pinkerton's Dangerous Detective Doubles 4. Playing with the Ace of Hearts; or, Mentorship, Sportsmanship, and Nick Carter's Epistemological Dilemmas 5. Faulkner, Twain and the Legacy of Dime Novel Detectives 6. Conclusions and Directions for Future Research Bibliography Index
This book reveals subversive representations of gender, race and class in detective dime novels (1860-1915), arguing that inherent tensions between subversive and conservative impulses-theorized as contamination and containment-explain detective fiction's ongoing popular appeal to readers and to writers such as Twain and Faulkner.
Autor: P. Bedore
Pamela Bedore

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Autor: P. Bedore
ISBN-13 :: 9781137288646
ISBN: 1137288647
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