Lost Antarctica: Adventures in a Disappearing Land

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James Mcclintock
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Few of us will ever get to Antarctica. The bitter cold and three months a year without sunlight makes the sixth continent virtually uninhabitable for humans. Yet marine biologist James B. McClintock has spent three decades studying the frozen land in order to understand better the world that lies beneath it. In this luminous and closely observed account, one of the world's leading experts on Antarctica introduces the reader to this fascinating world-the extraordinary wildlife that persists despite the harsh conditions and the way each of the pieces fit into the puzzle of the intricate environment: from single-celled organisms to baleen whales, with leopard seals, penguins, 50-foot algae, sea spiders, coral, and multicolored sea stars, in between. Now, as temperatures rise, the fragile ecosystem is under attack. Adélie penguins that have successfully nested on Antarctic islands for several hundred years have been nearly wiped out. King crabs that used to populate the deep seafloor are moving into shallower waters, disturbing the set order of life there. Lost Antarctica is an appeal to understand and appreciate the wondrous place at the bottom of the world that we are on the brink of losing.
An evocative look at the extraordinary land at the bottom of the world, and how warmer temperatures are pushing it to the brink
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Hidden between the ice and snow of Antarctica is a world unlike any other. In this closely observed account, leading marine ecologist James McClintock gives us an unprecedented look at the ravages of the polar environment. This is a highly original and distinctive look at a mysterious world before it disappears forever.

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