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The Social Life of Connectivity in Africa

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Mirjam De Bruijn
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The rapid increase in adoption of modern 'connective' technologies like the mobile phone has reshaped the social landscape of Africa. This book examines the myriad possibilities that the post-global moment offers African societies to develop and to relate, offering profound new insights into the processes of globalization.
Connectivity and the Post-Global Moment: (Dis-)Connections and Social Change in Africa; Bruijn & R.van Dijk Flows and Forces: Once Contained, Now Detained?: On Connections Past and Present in Rwanda; Lame Research Practice in Connections: Travels and Methods; Bruijn & I.Brinkman Patriarchy Turned Upside Down: The Flight of the Royal Women of Kom, Cameroon from 1920 to the 1960s; W.G.Nkwi Beyond the Last Frontier: Major Trollope and the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel; J-B.Gewald The 'Victorian Internet' Reaches Halfway to Cairo: Cape Tanganyika Telegraphs, 1875-1926; N.Parsons Marriages and Mobility in Akan Societies: Disconnections and Connections over Time and Space; A.Bochow A Ritual Connection: Urban Youth Marrying in the Village in Botswana; R.van Dijk Connecting Communities and Business: Public-Private Partnerships as the Panacea for Land Reform in Limpopo Province, South Africa; M.Spierenburg, B.Cousins, A.Bos & L.Ntsholo Connectivities Compared: Transnational Islamic NGOs in Chad and Senegal; M.Kaag Love Therapy: A Brazilian Pentecostal (Dis)Conne0.ction in Maputo; L.van de Kamp Ajala Travel: Mobility and Connections as Forms of Social Capital in Nigerian Society; O.Obono & K.Obono Connecting 'Ourselves': A Dogon Ethnic Association and the Impact of Connectivity; W.E.A.van Beek Intimate Strangers: Connecting Fiction and Ethnography; F.B.Nyamnjoh

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