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The Political Economy of Agro-Food Markets in China

The Social Construction of the Markets in an Era of Globalization
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L. Augustin-Jean
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China's agricultural production and food consumption have increased tremendously, leading to a complete evolution of agro-food markets. The book is divided into two parts; the first part reviews the theoretical framework for the 'social construction of the markets,' while the second part presents the implication for the agro-food markets in China.
Introduction: Agro-Food Markets in China in Light of Economic Sociology - LOUIS AUGUSTIN-JEAN AND BJÖRN ALPERMANN Part I: The Theoretical Foundation of Agro-Food Markets 1. Markets as Political Institutions - ANDY SMITH 2. An Approach to Food Quality in China: An Agenda for Future Research - LOUIS AUGUSTIN-JEAN Part II: From Producers to Consumers: The Market for Food Products 3. Post-Reform Grain Markets and Prices in China - GREGORY VEECK 4. China's Sugar under Globalization Forces: Market Structures and State Decision Making in the Context of Liberalization - LOUIS AUGUSTIN-JEAN 5. A Diachronic Analysis of the Beef Industry - COLIN G. BROWN, SCOTT A. WALDRON AND JOHN W. LONGWORTH 6. Understanding the Growth and the Decline of Small-Farm Production in the Swine Industry in Guangdong Province and in China from 1980 to 2010 - VÉRONIQUE CHIN ? Part III: From Farm to Factory: Fibres and Biofuels 7. China's Cotton Market as a Strategic Action Field - BJÖRN ALPERMANN 8. Drivers and Dynamics of the Chinese Wool Market - COLIN G. BROWN, SCOTT A. WALDRON, AND JOHN W. LONGWORTH 9. Development of Contract Farming in Chinese Sericulture and the Silk Industry - NI HUI AND SHUJI HISANO 10. Growth, Globalization and Upgrading of the Chinese Cashmere Industry - SCOTT A. WALDRON, COLIN G. BROWN AND ADAM M. KOMAREK 11. Fuels for the Future? The Emerging Architecture in China's Liquid Biofuels Market - JØRGEN DELMAN AND YU WANG Conclusion: Economic Sociology and the Political Economy of China's Agro-Food Markets - BJÖRN ALPERMANN AND LOUIS AUGUSTIN-JEAN

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