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State of the World's Cities 2010/11

Cities for All: Bridging the Urban Divide
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Part 01: Urban Trends1.1 Cross-Currents in Global Urbanization
1.2 The Wealth of Cities
1.3 Slum Dwellers: Proportions are Declining, but Numbers are Growing

Part 02: The Urban Divide
2.1 The Urban Divide: Overview and Perspectives
2.2 The Economic Divide: Urban Income Inequalities
2.3 The Spatial Divide: Marginalization and its Outcomes
2.4 The Opportunity Divide: When the 'Urban Advantage' Eludes the Poor
2.5 The Social Divide: Impact on Bodies and Minds

Part 03: Bridging the Urban Divide
3.1 Taking Forward the Right to the City
3.2 The Regional Dynamics of Inclusion
3.3 The Five Steps to an Inclusive City
The world's urban population now exceeds the world's rural population. What does this mean for the state of our cities, given the strain this global demographic shift is placing upon current urban infrastructures?Following on from previous State of the World's Cities reports, this edition uses the framework of 'The Urban Divide' to analyse the complex social, political, economic and cultural dynamics of urban environments. In particular, the book focuses on the concept of the 'right to the city' and ways in which many urban dwellers are excluded from the advantages of city life, using the framework to explore links among poverty, inequality, slum formation and economic growth. The volume will be essential reading for all professionals and policymakers in the field, as well as a valuable resource for researchers and students in all aspects of urban development. Published with UN-Habitat.

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