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How to Live a Low-Carbon Life

The Individual's Guide to Tackling Climate Change
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Chris Goodall
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1. Getting from 14 Tonnes to 2 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Per Person
2. How Our Lives Generate Emissions

Part I - Direct Emissions

3. Home Heating

4. Water Heating and Cooking

5. Lighting

6. Household Appliances

7. Car Travel

8. Public Transport

9. Air Travel

Part II - Indirect Emissions

10. Food

11. Other Indirect Soruces of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Part III - Other Analysis

12. Domestic Use of Renewable Energy

13. Cancelling Out Emissions
Drastic reduction of carbon emissions is vital if we are to avoid a catastrophe that devastates large parts of the world. Governments and businesses have been slow to act - individuals need to take the lead now if we are to avoid climate chaos. Each Westener is responsible for an average 10 - 20 tonnes of carbon emissions each year (depending on where you live). In How to Live a Low-Carbon Life, Chris Goodall shows how easy it is to take responsibility, providing a comprehensive, one-stop reference guide to calculating your CO2 emissions and reducing them to a more sustainable 2 tonnes a year. This fully revised and expanded new edition takes into account new government targets on emissions reductions and includes up-to-date calculations and extensive graphics clearly laying out the path to a low-carbon life.

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