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Engaging the Public with Climate Change

Behaviour Change and Communication
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Lorraine Whitmarsh
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Susanne Moser, Independent Scholar, Susanne Moser Research & Consulting

Introduction: Opportunities and Barriers to Engaging Individuals with Climate Change
Part 1: Theories and Models.

1. Old habits and New Routes to Sustainable Behaviour

2. Carbon Budgets and Carbon Capability: Lessons from Personal Carbon Trading

3. Public Engagement in Climate Action: Policy and Public Expectations

4. Collective Self and Individual Choice: The Role of Social Comparisons in Promoting Public Engagement with Climate Change

5. Dismantling the Consumption-Happiness Myth: A Neuropsychological Perspective on the Mechanisms that Lock us in to Unsustainable Consumption

6. Public Engagement with Climate Adaptation: An Imperative for (and Driver Of) Institutional Reform?

7. Ecological Citizenship as Public Engagement

Part 2: Methods, Media and Tools

8. Engaging People in Saving Energy on a Large Scale: Lessons from the Programmes of the Energy Saving Trust in the UK

9. Keeping Up with the Joneses in the Great British Refurb: The Impacts and Limits of Social Learning in Eco-Renovation

10. Up-Scaling Social Behaviour Change Programmes: The Case of Ecoteams

11. The Role and Effectiveness of Governmental and Non-Governmental Communications in Engaging the Public with Climate Change

12. Communicating Energy Demand: Measurement, Display and the Language of Things

13. The Role of New Media in Engaging the Public with Climate Change

14. Low Carbon Communities: A Grassroots Perspective on Public Engagement

Conclusion: What have we Learnt and where do we go from Here?
Despite increasing public awareness of climate change, our behaviours relating to consumption and energy use remain largely unchanged. This book answers the urgent call for effective engagement methods to foster sustainable lifestyles, community action, and social change.

Written by practitioners and academics, the chapters combine theoretical perspectives with case studies and practical guidance, examining what works and what doesn't, and providing transferable lessons for future engagement approaches. Showcasing innovative thought and approaches from around the world, this book is essential reading for anyone working to foster real and lasting behavioural and social change.

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