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The Pellet Handbook

The Production and Thermal Utilization of Biomass Pellets
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Gerold Thek
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1. Introduction

2. Definitions and Standards

3. Physio-chemical Characterisation of Raw Materials and Pellets

4. Pellet Production and Logistics

5. Safety Considerations and Health Concerns for Pellets During Storage, Handling and Transportation

6. Wood Pellet Combustion Technologies

7. Cost Analysis of Pellet Production

8. Cost Analysis of Pellet Utilisation in the Residential Heating Sector

9. Environmental Evaluation when using Pellets for Residential Heating Compared to other Energy Carriers

10. Current International Market Overview and Projections

11. Case Studies for the use of Pellets for Energy Generation

12. Research and Development
Biomass pellets are a suitable fuel type for a wide range of applications, from stoves and central heating systems up to large-scale plants, and with practically complete automation in all these capacities. This handbook, written and edited by experienced professionals from IEA Bioenergy Task 32 in cooperation with Bios Bioenergiesysteme GmbH, Graz, Austria, other IEA Tasks and external experts, is the first comprehensive guide in English language covering all pellet related issues, as illustrated by the following list of topics covered by the book: international overview of standards for pelletsevaluation of raw materials and raw material potentialsquality and properties of pelletstechnical evaluation of the pellet production process and logistic aspects of pellet supply safety and health aspects for pellets during storage, handling and transportationtechnological evaluation of pellet furnace technologies and future developmentseconomic and ecological evaluation of the pellet production processeconomic and ecological evaluation of pellet use in small-scale furnaces in the residential sectoroverview of international pellet markets and market developmentsinternational case studies for the use of pellets for energy generationlatest trends concerning research and development in the pellet sector.Extensively illustrated and packed with practical knowledge, this is the ultimate reference for anyone involved in or affected by this burgeoning industry. It addresses all the players of the pellet market, ranging from raw material producers or suppliers, pellet producers and traders, manufacturers of pellet furnaces and pelletization systems, installers, engineering companies, energy consultants and end users.

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