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Children into Pupils (RLE Edu I)

A Study of Language in Early Schooling
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Mary Willes
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General Editor's Preface Acknowledgements Introduction: The purposes of the study 1. The language children bring to school 2. Varieties of language use among newcomers to the classroom 3. Multilingual classrooms 4. Language in the first school day 5. The rules of the game 6. Discourse and the processes of early education 7. Pupils' views of the interactional experience of the classroom 8. Retrospect: Implications of the study for teachers and future teachers Bibliography Index .
This book makes work in the field of sociolinguistics easily accessible to working teachers and to teachers in training. It focuses on the crucial first weeks that children spend in school, and deals with talk as a joint production, in which teachers and pupils are engaged from the earliest stages of the educational process. Using a variety of research methods and observations, Mary Willes captures the reality of what goes on in the classroom, and describes how young children develop both linguistic and cognitive skills in this social context. In addition, she examines classrooms where teachers have to find ways of interacting with young speakers of a mother tongue other than English.

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