Access 2016 For Dummies

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Laurie A. Ulrich
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Your all-access guide to all things Access 2016
If you don't know a relational database from an isolationist table--but still need to figure out how to organize and analyze your data--Access 2016 For Dummies is for you. Written in a friendly and accessible manner, it assumes no prior Access or database-building knowledge and walks you through the basics of creating tables to store your data, building forms that ease data entry, writing queries that pull real information from your data, and creating reports that back up your analysis. Add in a dash of humor and fun, and Access 2016 For Dummies is the only resource you'll need to go from data rookie to data pro!

This expanded and updated edition of Access For Dummies covers all of the latest information and features to help data newcomers better understand Access' role in the world of data analysis and data science. Inside, you'll get a crash course on how databases work--and how to build one from the ground up. Plus, you'll find step-by-step guidance on how to structure data to make it useful, manipulate, edit, and import data into your database, write and execute queries to gain insight from your data, and report data in elegant ways.
* Speak the lingo of database builders and create databases that suit your needs
* Organize your data into tables and build forms that ease data entry
* Query your data to get answers right
* Create reports that tell the story of your data findings

If you have little to no experience with creating and managing a database of any sort, Access 2016 For Dummies is the perfect starting point for learning the basics of building databases, simplifying data entry and reporting, and improving your overall data skills.
Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Access 2016 5

Chapter 1: Access 2016 Basic Training 7

Chapter 2: Navigating the Access Workspace 27

Chapter 3: Database Basics 49

Chapter 4: Sounds Like a Plan 67

Part II: Getting It All on the Table 77

Chapter 5: Table Tune Ups 79

Chapter 6: Remodeling Your Data 97

Chapter 7: Types, Masks, and Triggers 113

Part III: Data Management Mania 137

Chapter 8: A Form for All Reasons 139

Chapter 9: Importing and Exporting Data 157

Chapter 10: Automatic Data Editing 171

Chapter 11: Access and the Web 183

Part IV: The Power of Questions 203

Chapter 12: Finding, Filtering, and Sorting Your Data -- Fast 205

Chapter 13: I Was Just Asking . for Answers 221

Chapter 14: I Want These AND Those OR Them 247

Chapter 15: Number Crunching with the Total Row 255

Chapter 16: Express Yourself with Formulas 267

Chapter 17: Take Charge with Action Queries 281

Part V: Simple and Snazzy Reporting 291

Chapter 18: Fast and Furious Automatic Reporting 293

Chapter 19: Professionally Designed Reports Made Easy 315

Chapter 20: Headers and Footers and Groups, Oh My! 341

Chapter 21: Magical Mass Mailings 361

Part VI: More Power to You 369

Chapter 22: Analyze This! 371

Chapter 23: Steer Users in the Right Direction with Navigation Forms 381

Part VII: The Part of Tens 391

Chapter 24: Ten Common Problems 393

Chapter 25: Ten Uncommon Tips 403

Appendix A: Getting Help 409

Index 417

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