Making Change Happen in Student Affairs

Challenges and Strategies
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Change is inevitable. Managing change is a choice.
Preface v

Acknowledgments ix

About the Authors xi

1. Using Foundational Documents and Ethics in Our Work 1

2. Applying Theory, Literature, and Data to Practice 33

3. Using Resources to Effect Change 53

4. Utilizing Technology in Search of Success 79

5. Advocating for Some Students While Serving All Students 103

6. Fulfilling Our Responsibilities as Educators 133

7. Reframing Our Professional Practice as Institutional Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Change Agents 163

8. Looking Toward the Future 185

References 201

Cases 212

Statutes 212

Index 215
Change is inevitable. Managing change is a choice.

Authored by three esteemed leaders in the field of student affairs, Making Change Happen in Student Affairs: Challenges and Strategies for Professionals is a thought-provoking and pragmatic guide to the increasingly complex challenges and expectations that administrators face from both students and the public. Whether it's pressure to provide better programs and services with fewer resources, or difficulties grappling with economic challenges and technological change, the book teaches how to become an effective leader and skillful strategist in order to respond to a rapidly changing landscape.

Readers will learn to change their thinking about how they approach challenges by reframing their purpose, role, and function as leaders. Each chapter includes specific concepts and tools that can be used to tackle the most complex campus issues and develop effective plans of action. You'll learn how to:
* Manage financial resources and supervise staff effectively
* Advocate for specific students while still recognizing diversity and maintaining service to all
* Adapt to institutional culture, ethics, values, and changes in leadership
* Use technology as a tool to affect change on campus

By applying shared foundations, ethical principles, a rich knowledge base, and experience, student affairs professionals can develop powerful strategies to confront and resolve vexing problems. With extensive examples and case studies that covera wide array of issues, this book is an essential read for those looking to make a real difference in the lives of their students and the health of their institutions.
Autor: Margaret J. Barr, George S. McClellan, Arthur Sandeen
Margaret J. Barr is professor emeritus in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University. She received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the NASPA Foundation in 2012 and is the author of Budgets and Financial Management in Higher Education with George S. McClellan and Critical Issues for Student Affairs with Arthur Sandeen.
George S. McClellan is the vice chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. McClellan is the editor of The Handbook for College Athletics and Recreation Management with Chris King and Donald L. Rockey, Jr. and The Handbook for Student Affairs Administration, Third Edition, with Jeremy Stringer. He writes a column in The Chronicle of Higher Education on career issues in student affairs.

Arthur Sandeen is a professor of educational leadership at the University of Florida. He received the John L. Blackburn Distinguished Service Award from the NASPA Foundation in 2014 and is the author of Enhancing Leadership in Colleges and Universities, Enhancing Student Engagement on Campus, and Improving Leadership in Student Affairs Administration.

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