Companion to the History of Science

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Bernard Lightman

1. Historiography of the History of Science
Lynn Nyhart


2. Learned Man and Woman in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Nathan Sidoli

3. Go-Betweens, Travelers, and Cultural Translators
Kapil Raj

4. The Alchemist
Tara Nummedal

5. The Natural Philosopher
Peter Dear

6. The Natural Historian
Kristin Johnson

7. Invisible Technicians, Instrument Makers, and Artisans
Iwan Rhys Morus

8. Scientific illustrators
Valérie Chansigaud

9. The Human Experimental Subject
Anita Guerrini

10. Amateurs
Katherine Pandora

11. The Man of Science
Paul White

12. The Professional Scientist
Cyrus C. M. Mody


13. The Medieval University
Steven J. Livesey

14. The Observatory
Robert W. Smith

15. The Court
Bruce T. Moran

16. Academies and Societies
Denise Phillips

17. Museums and Botanical Gardens
Lukas Rieppel

18. Domestic Space
Donald L. Opitz

19. Commercial Science
Paul Lucier

20. The Field
Robert Kohler and Jeremy Vetter

21. The Laboratory
Catherine M. Jackson

22. Modern School and University
Heike Jöns


23. Manuscripts
Joyce van Leeuwen

24. The Printing Press
Nick Wilding

25. Correspondence Networks
Brian Ogilvie

26. Translations
Marwa Elshakry and Carla Nappi

27. Journals and Periodicals
Aileen Fyfe

28. Textbooks
Josep Simon

29. Lectures
Diarmid A. Finnegan

30. Film, Radio, and Television
David A. Kirby


31. Timing Devices
Rory McEvoy

32. Weights and Measures
Hector Vera

33. Calculating Devices and Computers
Matthew L. Jones

34. Specimens and Collections
Mary E. Sunderland

35. Recording Devices
Jimena Canales

36. Microscopes
Boris Jardine

37. Telescopes
Jim Bennett

38. Prisms, Spectroscopes, Spectrographs, and Gratings
Klaus Hentschel

39. Diagrams
Charlotte Bigg

40. Three Dimensional Models
Joshua Nall and Liba Taub

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to the History of Science is a single volume companion that discusses the history of science as it is done today, providing a survey of the debates and issues that dominate current scholarly discussion, with contributions from leading international scholars.* Provides a single-volume overview of current scholarship in the history of science edited by one of the leading figures in the field
* Features forty essays by leading international scholars providing an overview of the key debates and developments in the history of science
* Reflects the shift towards deeper historical contextualization within the field
* Helps communicate and integrate perspectives from the history of science with other areas of historical inquiry
* Includes discussion of non-Western themes which are integrated throughout the chapters
* Divided into four sections based on key analytic categories that reflect new approaches in the field

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Autor: Bernard Lightman
ISBN-13 :: 9781118620779
ISBN: 1118620771
Erscheinungsjahr: 25.03.2016
Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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