Psychological Testing

A Practical Introduction
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Tom Hogan s Psychological Testing: A Practical Introduction, Third Edition emphasizes active learning strategies to provide a practical introduction to the field of testing in Psychology and allied disciplines.
Part One.
Chapter 1. The World Of Psychological Testing.

Chapter 2. Sources Of Information About Tests.

Chapter 3. Test Norms.

Chapter 4. Reliability.

Chapter 5. Validity.

Chapter 6. Test Development And Item Analysis.

Part Two.

Chapter 7. Intelligence: Theories And Issues.

Chapter 8. Individual Tests Of Intelligence.

Chapter 9. Group Tests Of Mental Ability.

Chapter 10. Neuropsychological Assessment.(Brooke Cannon).

Chapter 11. Achievement Tests.

Chapter 12. Objective Personality Tests.

Chapter 13. Clinical Instruments And Methods.

Chapter 14. Projective Techniques.

Chapter 15. Interests And Attitudes.

Chapter 16. Ethical And Legal Issues.


A. Test Reviewing And Selection.

B. How To Build A (Simple) Test.

C. Contact Information For Major Test Publishers.

D. Sample Data Sets.

E. Answers To Selected Exercises.
Psychological Testing: A Practical Introduction, 3rd Edition provides a comprehensive introduction to major psychometric principles, accompanied by "real world" examples demonstrating test usage in contemporary practice. The text explores concepts including reliability, validity, norms development, approaches to both norm-referenced and criterion-referenced interpretation, methods of studying test bias, and procedures for test development. Additionally, the book is written in clear, student-friendly language, without omitting difficult issues and concepts. The book describes examples of tests in major domains, including intelligence, personality (both objective and projective), clinical methods, achievement, interests and attitudes, and neuropsychology.
Autor: Thomas P. Hogan
Thomas P. Hogan teaches in the Education and Psychology Departments of the University of Scranton. Having written over 100 articles, presentations, papers, and chapters on educational measurement and assessment issues, he has also coauthored several widely used standardized and criterion-referenced assessment instruments. Dr. Hogan frequently serves as a consultant to school, state, and national organizations on assessment issues.

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