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Architecture of First Societies

A Global Perspective
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Mark M. Jarzombek
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ARCHITECTURE OF FIRST SOCIETIESTHIS LANDMARK STUDY TRACES THE BEGINNINGS OF ARCHITECTURE BY LOOKING AT THE LATEST ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL RESEARCHFrom the dawn of human society, through early civilizations, to pre-Columbian American societies, Architecture of First Societies traces the different cultural formations that developed in various places throughout the world to form the built environment. It is the first book to explore the beginnings of architecture from a global perspective.Viewing ancient cultures through a lens of both time and geography, this history of early architecture brings its subjects to life with full-color photographs, maps, and drawings. The author cites the latest discoveries and analyses in archaeology and anthropology and discovers links to the past by examining how indigenous societies build today. "Encounters with Modernity" sections examine some of the political issues that village life and its architectural traditions face in the modern world.This fascinating and engaging tour of our architectural past:* Fills a gap in architectural education concerning early mankind, the emergence of First Society people, and the rise of early agricultural societies* Presents the story of early architecture, written by the coauthor of the acclaimed A Global History of Architecture* Uses the most current research to develop a global picture of human interaction and migration* Features color and black-and-white photos and drawings that show site conditions as well as huts, houses, and other buildings under construction in cultures that still exist today* Highlights global relationships with color maps* Analyzes topics ranging in scale from landscape and culture to building techniques* Helps us come to terms with our own modern approaches to historical conditions and anthropological pastsArchitecture of First Societies is ideal reading for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the strong relationships between geography, ecology, culture, and architecture.

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