Sermons Preached in India

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Preface; The valedictory address of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; A charge delivered to the clergy of the Diocese of Calcutta; 1. Preaching of St. John the Baptist; 2. Office of Christ; 3. Character of Christ and his religion; 4. Christ preaching to sinners; 5. The law and the Gospel; 6. The Christian's faith and fear; 7. The Christian's treatment on earth; 8. The pharisee and the publican; 9. The good Samaritan; 10. Labourers in the vineyard; 11. The conversion of the heathen; 12. The omnipresence of God; 13. Sin and grace; 14. On the love of God; 15. Christmas Day; 16. New Year's Day; 17. Easter Day; Address on confirmation.
Sermons delivered to the Anglican communities and missions throughout British India by the bishop of Calcutta, Reginald Heber (1783 1826).

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