Ancient Stone Implements, Weapons, and Ornaments, of Great Britain

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Preface; 1. Introductory; 2. On the manufacture of stone implements in prehistoric times; Part I. Implements of the Neolithic Period: 3. Celts; 4. Chipped or rough-hewn celts; 5. Celts ground at the edge only; 6. Polished celts; 7. Picks, chisels, gouges, etc.; 8. Perforated axes; 9. Perforated and grooved hammers; 10. Hammer-stones, etc.; 11. Grinding-stones and whetstones; 12. Flint flakes, cores, etc.; 13. Scrapers; 14. Borers, awls, or drills; 15. Trimmed flakes, knives, etc.; 16. Javelin and arrow-heads; 17. Fabricators, flaking-tools, etc.; 18. Sling-stones and balls; 19. Bracers and articles of bone; 20. Spindle-whorls, discs, slickstones, weights, and cups; 21. Personal ornaments, amulets, etc.; Part II. Implements of the Palaeolithic Period: 22. Cave implements; 23. Implements of the river-drift period; 24. Forms and characteristics of implements from the river drift; 25. Antiquity of the river drift; Description of the plates; Index.
This illustrated 1872 work describes Stone Age weapons, tools and ornaments, from cave and river-bed deposits as well as settlements.

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