The History of the Violin, and Other Instruments Played on with the Bow from the Remotest Times to the Present

Cambridge Library Collection - Music
Also an Account of the Principal Makers, English and Foreign, with Numerous Illustrations
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Preface; 1. The violin; 2. Egyptian instruments; 3. Fiddle; 4. The bow; 5. The viol in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries; 6. Minstrels; 7. Viol in the fifteenth century; 8. Viol and violin in the sixteenth century; 9. Viols and violins in early musical dramas; 10. Viols and violins in English dramatic writers of seventeenth century; 11. Time of Charles II; 12. The eighteenth century; 13. Orchestras; 14. Nineteenth century; 15. Makers; 16. Makers in seventeenth century; 17. Stradiuarius; 18. Italian makers; 19. English makers, from Rayman to Betts; 20. English makers; 21. The Forster family; 22. William Forster (2); 23. The Forster family and school, continued; 24. English makers, continued; 25. The Banks family; 26. English makers, continued; 27. Recent English makers; Index.
This 1864 treatise is important for its historical survey of bowed instruments, and for its first-hand information on the Forster family.

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Autor: William Sandys
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ISBN: 110808009X
Erscheinungsjahr: 30.09.2018
Verlag: Cambridge University Press
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