Hakluytus Posthumus Or, Purchas His Pilgrimes: Contayning a History of the World in Sea Voyages and Lande Travells by Englishmen and Others

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4. The travels of Hulderike Schnirdel; 5. Observations of Sir Richard Hawkins; 6. Master John Ellis on Hawkins' voyage through the Straits of Magellan; 7. Relation of an Englishman which had beene thirteene years captive to the Spaniards in Peru; 8. Relation of Alexandro Ursino concerning the coast of Terra Firma; 9. Notes of the West Indies; 10. Relation of the new discoverie in the south seas; 11. The historie of Lopez Vaz, a Portugall; 12. Briefe extracts of Jerom Benzos three bookes of the new world; 13. The first part of the Commentaries Royall by the Inca Garcilasso de la Vega; 14. The suppliment of the historie of the Incas; 15. Briefe notes of Francis Pizarro; 16. The conquest of Peru and Cusco; 17. Relations of occurrents in the conquest of Peru; Part VIII: 1. True relation of Alvaro Nunez; 2. Ferdinando de Soto his voyage to Florida.
A 20-volume seventeenth-century work (reissued in a 1905-7 edition) which follows Hakluyt in recording voyages of exploration.

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