Anniversary Essays on Tolstoy. Edited by Donna Tussing Orwin

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Introduction Donna Tussing Orwin; 1. Tolstoy and music Caryl Emerson; 2. Sublime vision and self derision: the aesthetics of death in Tolstoy Andreas Schonle; 3. Tolstoy's peaceable kingdom Robin Feuer Miller; 4. Leo Tolstoy: pacifist, patriot, and molodets Donna Tussing Orwin; 5. Leo Tolstoy's correspondence with Nikolai Strakhov: the dialogue on faith Irina Paperno; 6. The worm of doubt: Prince Andrei's death and Russian spiritual awakening of the 1860s Ilya Vinitsky; 7. Tolstoy's spirituality Gary Hamburg; 8. Tracking the English novel in Anna Karenina: who wrote the English novel that Anna reads? Edwina Cruise; 9. Violence and the role of drama in the late Tolstoy: The Realm of Darkness Justin Weir; 10. What men quote by: Tolstoy, wise sayings, and moral tale Gary Saul Morson; 11. The 'proletarian lord': Leo Tolstoy's image during the Russian revolutionary period Michael J. Denner; Works cited; Index.
Setting new agendas for the study of this classic author, this volume provides a snapshot of scholarship on Tolstoy.

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Autor: Donna Tussing Orwin
ISBN-13 :: 9781107412743
ISBN: 1107412749
Erscheinungsjahr: 09.10.2012
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