The Limits of Transnational Law: Refugee Law, Policy Harmonization and Judicial Dialogue in the European Union. Edited by Guy S. Goodwin-Gill and Hlne

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1. Introduction: transnational law, judges, and refugees in the European Union H. Lambert; 2. Where is the reference? On the limited role of transnational dialogue in Belgian refugee law J.-Y. Carlier and D. Vanheule; 3. The use of foreign asylum jurisprudence in the German administrative courts P. Tiedemann; 4. Foreign law in Swedish judicial decision-making: still a rare occurrence R. Stern; 5. Foreign asylum law in Denmark - dualist tradition and domestic focus J. Vedsted-Hansen; 6. Transnational refugee law in the French courts: deliberate or compelled change in judicial attitudes? H. Lambert and J. Silga; 7. Thou shalt not judge... Spanish judicial decision-making in asylum and the role of judges in interpreting the law M.-T. Gil-Bazo; 8. The solipsistic monologue of Italian authorities F. Messineo; 9. The British judiciary and the search for reciprocal relations with its continental partners H. Lambert, with the assistance of R. Husain; 10. Judicial dialogue and refugee determination in Irish law: talking across borders S. Mullally; 11. Conclusion: one true way G. S. Goodwin-Gill.
A comparative analysis of the extent and role of transnational judicial dialogue in European refugee law, first published in 2010.

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Autor: Guy S. Goodwin-Gill
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ISBN: 1107412722
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