The Life and Thought of Herbert Butterfield: History, Science and God

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Part I. Private Intellectual, 1900-45: 1. Bronte country; 2. Peterhouse and Princeton; 3. Love, marriage and 'the sex question'; 4. Thinking man's historian; 5. European civilisation and the Third Reich; 6. Wartime ambiguities; Part II. Contours of an Original Mind: 7. Science; 8. God; 9. History; Part III. Public Intellectual, 1945-79: 10. Height of his powers; 11. From history to historiography; 12. From diplomatic history to international relations; 13. From autumn to winter.
Bentley's revelatory 2011 biography illuminates for the first time the intellectual significance and personal torment of the historian Sir Herbert Butterfield.

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Autor: Michael Bentley
ISBN-13 :: 9781107411425
ISBN: 1107411424
Erscheinungsjahr: 25.10.2012
Gewicht: 531g
Seiten: 398
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 229x152x21 mm
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