Driving Forces in Physical, Biological and Socio-Economic Phenomena: A Network Science Investigation of Social Bonds and Interactions

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Preface; Part I. Bridging the Gap between Physics and the Social Sciences: 1. Probing bonds; 2. The battle against noise in physics; 3. The battle against noise in the social sciences; 4. Equilibrium and metastable states; 5. Are the data reliable?; Part II. Macro Interactions: Societies and States: 6. Shaping the zeitgeist; 7. Bonds of vassalage; 8. The absentee ownership syndrome; Part III. Micro Interactions: A Network View of Suicide: 9. Effects of male-female imbalance; 10. Effect of weakened marital bonds on suicide; 11. Effect of social isolation on suicide; 12. Apoptosis; 13. Perspectives; References; Index.
a multi-disciplinary 2007 book on network theory for graduate students and researchers in sociology and econophysics.

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Autor: Bertrand M. Roehner
ISBN-13 :: 9781107411319
ISBN: 1107411319
Erscheinungsjahr: 24.10.2012
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