Biological Control of Tropical Weeds Using Arthropods

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1. Biological control of weeds in the tropics and sustainability R. Muniappan, G. V. P. Reddy and A. Raman; 2. Acacia nilotica ssp. Indica (L.) Willd. ex Del. (Mimosaceae) K. Dhileepan; 3. Australian Acacia species (Mimosaceae) in South Africa F. Impson, J. H. Hoffmann and C. Kleinjan; 4. Ageratina adenophora (Sprengel) R. King and H. Robinson (Asteraceae) R. Muniappan, A. Raman and G. V. P. Reddy; 5. Azolla filiculoides Lamarck (Nostocaceae) M. P. Hill and A. J. McConnachie; 6. Cabomba caroliniana Gray (Cabombaceae) S. Schooler, W. Cabrera-Walsh and M. H. Julien; 7. Invasive cactus species (Cactaceae) H. Zimmermann, C. Moran and J. H. Hoffmann; 8. Chromolaena odorata (L.) R. King and H. Robinson (Asteraceae) C. Zachariades, M. Day, R. Muniappan and G. V. P. Reddy; 9. Clidemia hirta (L.) D. Don (Melastomataceae) P. Conant; 10. Coccinia grandis (L.) Voigt (Cucurbitaceae) R. Muniappan, G. V. P. Reddy and A. Raman; 11. Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms-Laub. (Pontederiaceae) J. A. Coetzee, M. P. Hill, M. H. Julien, T. D. Center and H. A. Cordo; 12. Lantana camara Linn. (Verbenaceae) M. D. Day and M. P. Zalucki; 13. Mimosa diplotricha C. Wright ex Sauvalle (Mimosaceae) L. S. Kuniata; 14. Mimosa pigra L. (Leguminosae) T. A. Heard and Q. Paynter; 15. Parthenium hysterophorus L. (Asteraceae) K. Dhileepan and L. Strathie; 16. Passiflora mollissima (HBK) Bailey (Passifloraceae) G. P. Markin; 17. Pistia stratiotes L. (Araceae) P. Neuenschwander, M. H. Julien, T. D. Center and M. P. Hill; 18. Prosopis species (Leguminosae) R. D. van Klinken, J. H. Hoffmann, H. G. Zimmermann and A. P. Roberts; 19. Salvinia molesta D. S. Mitchell (Salviniaceae) M. H. Julien, M. P. Hill and P. W. Tipping; 20. Solanum mauritianum Scopoli (Solanaceae) T. Olckers; 21. Application of natural antagonists including arthropods to resist weedy Striga (Scrophulariaceae) in tropical agroecosystems J. Sauerborn and D. Muller-Stover; 22. Biological control of weeds in India J. Rabindra and B. S. Bhumannavar; 23. The role of International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in weed biological control F. Beed and T. Dubois; 24. The role of Secretariat of the Pacific Community in the biological control of weeds in the Pacific Islands region - past, present and future activities W. Orapa; Index.
This book discusses the biological control of weeds using arthropods, providing ecological management models for use across the tropical world.

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