The Metal-Rich Universe

Cambridge Contemporary Astroph
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Preface; Part I. Abundances in the Galaxy: Field Stars: 1. Metal-rich stars and stellar populations: A brief history and new results; 2. The metal-rich nature of stars with planets; 3. Solar chemical peculiarities; 4. Kinematics of metal-rich stars with and without planets; 5. Elemental abundance trends in the metal-rich thin and thick disks; 6. Metal-rich massive stars - how metal-rich are they?; 7. Hercules stream stars and the metal-rich thick disk; 8. Abundance survey of the galactic thick disk; Part II. Abundances in the Galaxy: Galactic Stars in Clusters, Bulges and Centre: 9. Galactic open clusters with super solar metallicities; 10. Old and very metal-rich open clusters in the BOCCE project; 11. Massive stars vs. nebular abundances in the Orion nebula; 12. Abundance surveys of metal-rich bulge stars; 13. Metal abundances in the galactic center; 14. Light elements in the galactic bulge; 15. Metallicity and ages of selected G-K giants; Part III. Observations - Abundances in Extragalactic Contexts: 16. Stellar abundances of early-type galaxies and galactic spheroids: Evidence for metal-rich stars; 17. Measuring chemical abundances in extragalactic metal-rich HII regions; 18. On the maximum oxygen abundance in metal-rich spiral galaxies; 19. Starbursts and their contribution to metal enrichment; 20. High metallicities at high redshifts; 21. Evolution of dust and elemental abundances in quasar DLAs and GRB afterglows as a function of cosmic time; 22. Dust, metals and diffuse interstellar bands in damped Lyman Alpha systems; 23. Tracing metallicities in the Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope; Part IV. Stellar Populations and Mass Functions: 24. The stellar initial mass function of metal-rich populations; 25. IMF effects on the metallicity and colour evolution of disk galaxies; 26. The metallicity of circumnuclear star forming regions; 27. The stellar population of bulges; 28. The metallicity distribution of the stars in elliptical galaxies; 29. Wolf-Rayet populations at high metallicities; 30. The stellar populations of metal-rich starburst galaxies: the frequency of Wolf-Rayet stars; Part V. Physical Processes at High Metallicity: 31. Stellar winds from solar metallicity and metal-rich massive stars; 32. On the determination of stellar parameters and abundances of metal-rich stars; 33. Are WNL stars tracers of high metallicity?; 34. The observable metal-enrichment of radiation driven+wind-blown HII regions in the Wolf-Rayet stage; 35. Metal-rich A-type supergiants in M31; Part VI. Formation and Evolution of Metal-Rich Stars and Stellar Yields: 36. Massive star evolution at high metallicity; 37. Supernovae in galactic evolution: direct and indirect metallicity effects; 38. Progenitor evolution of Type I supernovae: evolution and implications for yields; 39. Star formation in the metal-rich universe; 40. Metallicity of solar-type main sequence stars: seismic tests; 41. Chemical abundance gradients in early-type galaxies; 42. Oxygen-rich droplets and the enrichment of the ISM; Part VII. Chemical and Photometric Evolution beyond Solar Metallicity: 43. Models of the solar vicinity: the metal-rich stage; 44. Chemical evolution models of ellipticals and bulges; 45. Chemical evolution of the galactic bulge; 46. How do galaxies get metal-rich? An examination of the yield problem; 47. Abundance patterns: thick and thin disks; 48. Formation and evolution of the galactic bulge: constraints from stellar abundances; Summary; Index.
This book covers metal-rich stars for researchers and graduate students in extragalactic astronomy.

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