Emergency Management of Infectious Diseases

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Rachel L. Chin
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1. Infective endocarditis; 2. Pericarditis and myocarditis; 3. Cardiac implantable electronic device infections; 4. Altered mental status in HIV-infected patients; 5. Botulism; 6. Fever and focal cerebral dysfunction; 7. Infections affecting the spinal cord; 8. Meningitis; 9. Rabies; 10. Tetanus; 11. West Nile encephalitis virus; 12. Bacterial skin and soft-tissue infections; 13. Ectoparasites; 14. Fever and rash in adults; 15. Otitis externa Jeffrey Bullard-Berent; 16. Otitis media; 17. Sinusitis; 18. Supraglottitis (Epiglottis); 19. Parotitis; 20. Pharyngitis and peritonsillar abscess; 21. Deep neck space infections; 22. Dental and odontogenic infections; 23. Infectious biliary diseases: Cholecystitis and Cholangitis; 24. Viral hepatitis; 25. Peritonitis; 26. Acute infectious diarrhea; 27. Diarrhea in HIV-infected patients; 28. Clostridium difficile infection; 29. Male genitourinary infections; 30. Nonulcerative sexually transmitted diseases; 31. Ulcerative sexually transmitted diseases; 32. Vulvovaginitis; 33. Adult septic arthritis; 34. Diabetic foot infections; 35. Hand infections: fight bite, purulent tenosynovitis, felon, and paronychia; 36. Open fractures; 37. Osteomyelitis; 38. Plantar puncture wounds Brad Frazee; 39. Prosthetic joint infections; 40. Spine infections; 41. Conjunctival and corneal infections; 42. Periocular infections; 43. Infections of the uvea, vitreous, and retina; 44. Community-acquired pneumonia; 45. Human immunodeficiency virus-associated respiratory infections; 46. Influenza; 47. Tuberculosis; 48. Lower urinary tract infection in adults; 49. Pyelonephritis in adults; 50. Fever in the newborn; 51. The febrile child; 52. Fever and rash in the pediatric population; 53. Pediatric orthopedic infections; 54. Pediatric respiratory infections; 55. Pediatric urinary tract infection; 56. Bites (dogs, cats, rodents, lagomorphs); 57. Blood or body fluid exposure management and postexposure prophylaxis for Hepatitis B and HIV; 58. Fever in pregnancy; 59. Postpartum and post-abortion infections; 60. Fever in the returning traveller; 61. Infectious complications of injection drug use; 62. Infections in oncology patients; 63. Postoperative infections; 64. The febrile post-transplant patient; 65. Sepsis; 66. Infections in sickle cell disease; 67. Anthrax; 68. Plague; 69. Smallpox; 70. Tularemia; 71. Hantavirus; 72. Ebola virus disease; 73. Zika virus; 74. Zoonotic influenza (Novel Influenza A, including avian and swine influenza A virus infections); 75. Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA); 76. Vancomycin resistant enterococcal infections; 77. Extended Spectrum beta lactamase; 78. Antimicrobial overview.
This textbook is a comprehensive, evidence based, state-of-the-art resource for clinicians who diagnose and treat infectious disease.

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