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High School Physics Unlocked

Your Key to Understanding and Mastering Complex Physics Concepts
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The Princeton Review
High School Subject Review Princeton Review
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UNLOCK THE SECRETS OF PHYSICS with THE PRINCETON REVIEW.High School Physics Unlocked focuses on giving you a wide range of key lessons to help increase your understanding of physics. With this book, you'll move from foundational concepts to complicated, real-world applications, building confidence as your skills improve. End-of-chapter drills will help test your comprehension of each facet of physics, from mechanics to magnetic fields. Don't feel locked out!Everything You Need to Know About Physics.• Complex concepts explained in straightforward ways• Clear goals and self-assessments to help you pinpoint areas for further review• Bonus chapter on modern physicsPractice Your Way to Excellence.• 340+ hands-on practice questions in the book and online• Complete answer explanations to boost understanding, plus extended, step-by-step solutions for all drill questions online• Bonus online questions similar to those you'll find on the AP Physics 1, 2, and C Exams and the SAT Physics Subject TestHigh School Physics Unlocked covers:• One- and Multi-dimensional Motion• Forces and Mechanics• Energy and Momentum• Gravity and Satellite Motion• Thermodynamics• Waves and Sound• Electric Interactions and Electric Circuits• Magnetic Interactions• Light and Optics... and more!

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