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The Investor’s Guidebook to Derivatives

Demystifying Derivatives and Their Applications
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Stuart R. Veale
Prentice Hall Press
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A concise yet comprehensive guidebook that addresses the practical aspects of investing in derivatives.
Written for the professional market but accessible enough for individual investors, The Investor's Guidebook to Derivatives includes all the information needed to succeed in today's complex derivatives market, including:

• What constitutes a "derivative instrument”
• The difference between forward and forecast prices
• Pricing and using forward contracts
• Swaps: pricing and applications
• Option vocabulary
• Pricing options—a framework
• Implementing directional and volatility strategies
• Exotic options: pricing and applications
• Options on natural occurrences: rain, snow, and wind

The Investor's Guidebook series presents investment vehicles and strategies from both the issuers' and the investors' perspectives. Starting with basic concepts and then building to state-of-the-art pricing models, strategies, and tactics, these succinct handbooks will be useful for everyone from new hires through experienced professionals. Unlike most books, which are read once and sit on the shelf, professionals will refer to these books repeatedly throughout their careers.

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