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BLOODLINE: OUR FATHER'S HOUSE, is set on the island of Barbados where the great manor house, Belle Terre, sits empty as it has for almost a century, on a cliff overlooking the sea. Soft sighing winds whisper through the palms that surround it in concert with the gentle waves that wash ashore in the sheltered cove below. Overhead, a flock of seagulls circle, dive, then rise upon the currents and venture further out to sea. A tour bus passes through a pair of ornate iron gates in the distance and travels up a shell-packed avenue to the main entrance. A dozen visitors emerge and enter the house. The faded grandeur of Belle Terre holds them spellbound until they are drawn to the arbor, and the graves of the legendary Edmond Ribaut and his daughter, Desiree Arnaud. Kidnapped by a band of Edmond's enemies in 1827, the nineteen year old girl was believed to have perished in a shipwreck as her captors attempted to take her from the island. The chance discovery of 1852 of a cemetery 2,000 miles away proved Desiree lived for nine years after her disappearance, taking to her grave a secret so shocking that those who found her vowed never to reveal what they had discovered. Her remains were returned to Belle Terre in 1933 by the last descendant bearing Edmond Ribaut's bloodline. Her strange benefactor would, ironically, die the day Desiree was laid to her final rest beside her father in the arbor, leaving the great estate in a preservation trust to the island of Barbados.
Autor: Lynn Braxton
After retiring from Florida State University, award-winning author Lynn Braxton returned to her birthplace in the Panhandle of Florida where she pursues her passion for history and creative writing. Her debut novel, LADY OF THE HOUSE, was released in 2014, and was awarded two silver medals for Adult Fiction/Genre and Book Cover Design by the Florida Authors and Publishers Association the same year. Her second novel, BLOODLINE: OUR FATHER'S HOUSE, published by Gatekeeper Press, Columbus, OH, has just been released. She is now working on her third book, THE LAST RIVER QUEEN, which is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2018. Writing almost exclusively in the historical romance genre, she is a current member of Romance Writers of America, The Florida Authors and Publishers Association, and has contributed as a guest reviewer to the Southern Literary Review.

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Autor: Lynn Braxton
ISBN-13 :: 9780991466368
ISBN: 0991466365
Gewicht: 603g
Seiten: 414
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 229x152x23 mm
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