So You Thought You Knew

Letting Go of Religion
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Tired of religion?

What if almost everything you were taught about Christianity is wrong? Would you give up on faith altogether? Or is it possible to rediscover-with fresh eyes-a richer and more satisfying understanding of God and spirituality?

So You Thought You Knew is a refreshing journey written straight from the heart. It's about thinking outside the "institutional walls" of Christianity and asking the hard questions. It boldly says in public what many people are thinking in private. And its hilarious stories and life-changing insights will inspire those who are dissatisfied with fear-driven religion but believe-deep down-there's a better message out there for the world to hear.

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ISBN-13 :: 9780991463909
ISBN: 0991463900
Erscheinungsjahr: 11.02.2014
Verlag: Joshua Tongol
Gewicht: 329g
Sprache: Deutsch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 203x134x20 mm
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