Pendulum to the Past

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Landis L. Potter
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231x155x30 mm

Landis Potter was born in Bloomfield Iowa, just a few miles from the southern Missouri border. After a nine year tour in the Marine Corps, he became a deputy sheriff for the Ventura County Sheriff's Department, retiring after 27 years in 2005. He received his AA degree in Administration of Justice at Long Beach City College and a BS Degree in Criminology at the University of Le Verne. Potter taught at the Ventura Jr. College as an associate professor in Criminal Justice and for the Dept of Defense at Point Mugu and Hueneme Navel bases. Potter is an avid Civil War re-enactor with the largest confederate artillery unit, the Richmond howitzers Battalion, based in southern California and a Civil War historian. He presently lives in Oak View, California. (Ojai Valley) with his wife, Linda.
Chris, a young man, stands next to an elderly grounds keeper, in an old Virgina cemetery. He is telling a remarkable story of the connection of two graves that lay before them. Chris' father, Ben, a retired deputy sheriff, was seriously wounded while employed as a security guard for a very high end research institute. Due to his serious, dimensioning condition, he is used in an experiment that produces strange, unexpected results which subsequently changes the lives of those around him. No one could know the journey Ben would take until almost a year later when the experiment comes to a crescendo that led to unbelievable discoveries.

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