My Life (as It Begins) by: D.D. Duck

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Kathy Branen
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As soon as I emerged from my egg, I discovered a world of excitement and beauty. My curiosity caused a mistake, and my need to be rescued. Thank Heavens, I was rescued in time. I was dizzy, my head hurt, and I needed help. I had to learn to walk, run, and swim one step at a time. I am still learning to fly. As I accomplished each step, I found the world to be a place of excitement, beauty, and love.
Hi, my name is Kathy Branen, D. D. Duck's rescuer and friend.

When D. D. Duck came into my life, I realized she was different. She had a spirit and will that was contagious. I have been around all types of animals all my life and never experienced an animal such as D. D. Duck. She had a contagious personality, a sparkle, and kindness in her eye that endeared her to all that she met. When you met D. D. Duck, you instantly left a piece of your heart with her.

Animals have always been a main part of my life, and I continue to care for my dogs, cats, ducks, geese, and ride my horses. I have worked for the state of Florida for the past twenty-nine years and part time at Tractor Supply Company for seven years, which is where I met D. D. Duck.

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