Starstruck: A Hollywood Saga

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Michael Holloway Perronne
404 g
228x154x17 mm

From the palm tree lined Sunset Boulevard to the sprawling Hollywood Hills mansions to the trendy Rodeo
Drive boutiques comes a tale as can only be told by an
ex-Hollywood insider!

Carrington- After running away from her suffocating small
Iowa town, she managed to turn herself into Hollywood's
latest "It" girl. Will her jaw dropping scandal filled past
destroy her career and one chance at true love?

Derek- The closeted gay actor who made it big and will do
anything to keep his secret. When a chance at real
romance comes his way, will he be able to open his heart
even if it means sacrificing his stardom?

Jake- Handsome and rugged, he climbs Hollywood's
producing ranks and falls for Carrington. Is his love for
her strong enough to survive both of their troubled pasts?

Loreen- An ex-hooker who built Hollywood's most
exclusive escort service. When her empire is threatened,
how far is she willing to go to save it?

Bert- A down on his luck ex-power agent with enough
secrets to destroy them all.

By the author of the critically praised A Time Before Me,
comes a novel about the ups, downs, in betweens, and
insanity that is making it in Hollywood

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