She's Out There Bad

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Dorrie Williams-Wheeler
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229x152x13 mm

Life in Tennessee wasn't what aspiring model Shaylene Pratt had in mind for her future. When her high school sweetheart Dante announces that he is joining the military and moving to California, Shay is left depressed at the prospect of losing him. Ditching her local college plans, Shay moves to California and moves in with her hood chick cousin Leena who is embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her married ex-boyfriend. In Los Angeles, Shay gets caught up in the fast lane. From running with adult film star Candy Layne, to overindulging in drugs and alcohol, she's clearly out there bad. The private pain of a sexual assault leads to self-medicating with prescription drugs. When her explicit indiscretions are discovered by loved ones on the Internet, Shay has no choice but to slow down. One bad decision throws her entire life off course and Shay finds herself serving time in a state run rehabilitation facility. Things aren't too bad for her as she develops an intimate relationship with her handsome public defender Paul. There is more than one man in Shay's life as a chance reconciliation with her high school sweetheart Dante has Shay thinking about love, marriage and her future. Accused infidelity and an HIV scare puts Shay's relationship with Dante in turmoil. Shay is put in an awkward situation that most women would run from-when he cheats can you become friends with the other woman? Shay faces this dilemma head on as she grows into adulthood and has to determine if she wants to grow up and leave the drama of the past behind.

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