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Tails From The Country Side - A collection of humorous ranching stories from Debby Schoeningh 's popular newspaper column "The Country Side"
Nearly everyone who lives in the country, or even those who dream about the country lifestyle from a city sofa, can relate to Debby Schoeningh's hilarious adventures of living and working on an Eastern Oregon cattle ranch. In "Tails From The Country Side" she recounts everything from her first experience of milking a cow and being chauffeured around by draft horses, to learning proper bailing twine etiquette. Debby has raised cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, and a family and has managed to find the humor in all of it.

What readers are saying:

"Whether you are in the business or just sittin' the fence you will get a hilarious, inside scoop on ranching from these homespun anecdotes. Debby Schoeningh 's perspective on how things happen out on the farm is a whole new look at the lesser-known moments in rancher 's life." -David Asson, author of "Bringing In The Hay "

"As an old newspaperman, I'm always delighted to see one of Debby's columns show up. I know it will always be read-out-loud delightful and laugh-out-loud entertaining." -Steve Brown, copy editor for Pacific Northwest agricultural publication

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