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Written specifically to the unique needs of endurance athletes, this book shows readers how to prevent injury, correct muscular imbalances, and ultimately enhance performance by improving efficiency of movement and force production.
IntroductionChapter 1: Integrated CrosstrainingFunctional, Integrated, and Sport-Specific Training |Endurance Sport Injuries | Preventing Injury |Enhancing PerformanceChapter 2: FlexibilityImportance | Posture | Injury Prevention | Performance |Length-Tension Relationships | Symmetry | When and Howto Stretch | Yoga | Massage | As You AgeChapter 3: Trunk StabilityAnatomy of the Trunk | Posture and Neutral Spine |Training Trunk Stability | Developing Core Strength |Transverse Abdominis | Learning How to Activate the TVA |Trunk Stabilization and Strength ExercisesChapter 4: Joint StabilityBiomechanics | Knee Tracking | Forces | Stable Joints |The Nervous System | Strengthening Joint StabilizersChapter 5: BalanceDynamic Balance | Proprioception | Balance and TrunkStability | Balance and Joint Stability | Athletic Stance |Balance Training | Dynamic Balance Strength Training |VarietyChapter 6: AgilityImbalances | Athleticism and Performance | Athleticismand Injury Prevention | Agility's Role in Performance |Cardiovascular Demands | Aerobic Capacity | AerobicInterval Training | Anaerobic Endurance | AnaerobicInterval Training | Drills | CrosstrainingChapter 7: StrengthBody Composition | The Myth | Functional Strength |Sport Specificity | Strength Development | Technique |Tempo, Sets, Reps, and Resistance | Variety |Strength-Training Exercises | Instability | Personal Trainers |Supplements | SafetyChapter 8: PowerFast- and Slow-Twitch Muscle Fibers | Explosiveness |Speed Development | Anaerobic Energy System | ReactiveNeuromuscular Training | Sport Specificity | PowerDevelopment | Tempo, Sets, Reps, and Resistance | PowerTraining Exercises | Power and Hydration | VarietyChapter 9: Mental TrainingPerformance Enhancement | Relaxation | Concentration |Positive Self-Talk | Imagery | Precompetition Routine | GoalSetting | Training Logs | Mental Crosstraining | End ResultChapter 10: Designing a Crosstraining ProgramGoals, Needs, Wants, and Abilities | Limiting Factors |Training Program Evaluation | Program Design | Periodization |Be Realistic | Follow Through | Reassess | In the EndAppendix A: Training LogAppendix B: 35-week Training Program for Competitive Endurance AthletesAppendix C: 32-week Training Program for CyclistsAppendix D: 26-week Training Program for Nordic SkiersAppendix E: Crosstraining WorkoutsIndexAbout the Author

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