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The key to meaningful relationships is to get in touch with your core, where you will find the strength to rein in your reactions regardless of what the other says or does. Only then can you afford to get truly close . . . which is the path to a lifetime of romance and passion. The book "The Little Prince" is one of the world's great bestsellers. At first glance it's a children's story, but it's really for adults, addressed to a part of us that has been buried since childhood--that spiritual center that is our essence, from which we must learn to relate to others if we are ever to enjoy the fulfillment that romantic relationships in particular and relationships in general can bring us.
Hidden in the language of a child's make-believe are the keys to discovering the heart-to-heart connection for which we all long. These keys will unlock the door to meaning and happiness in your romantic life, and in all your relationships.

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