Puppet or Puppeteer: Choose the Life You Want to Live

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Dr Nell M. Rodgers
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PUPPET OR PUPPETEER Choose the Life You Want To Live By Dr. Nell Rodgers Beliefs, programs and paradigms hidden in your subconscious mind actually drive your life. They can keep you stuck and prevent you from living the life you want to live. This book shows you how to easily identify, observe, modify or revamp beliefs which may be undesirable. Reversing negative thinking will increase personal control and give new life printouts. In "Puppet or Puppeteer: Choose the Life You Want to Live," you will learn how to consciously choose beliefs and behaviors which bring joy, excitement and contentment to everyday life. You will learn how to live your dreams and create the life you want. In part II of the book, there are 62 topics designed to expand your thinking around ordinary life experiences. Included are concepts such as fear, guilt, personal mastery, attachment, change, double messages, expectations, loving yourself, vulnerability, problem solving and play. The author has designed them to serves as a life reference manual for difficult or extraordinary times. They serve both as a reminder of the human choice and as assistance in resolving complex or troubling issues.

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