Foster's Store

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Wayne Eliot Lankford
640 g
234x156x24 mm

.Foster's Store is about coming of age. It is as much about wild parties and college life as it is about a place in history where a generation had it all, but at the same time, "all" turned out to be so fragile and fleeting for so many. It wasn't just another generation discovering its collective consciousness, but a "new "generation fully equipped with new flavors of knowledge and circumstances. We searched for or stumbled into realities, which put the truths we were fed and raised on by loving parents from the Greatest Generation into question. Almost every truth we'd ever known was now in doubt. We were a generation raised on fear, taught to dive under school desks to survive a nuclear Armageddon and to trust in God if nothing else worked. We grew up with it, we toed the company line, but we didn't like the feeling. The churches said it was OK to kill a commie for Christ, but for some reason love ended up feeling better to us than hate. Where did our parents go wrong? Something had to give and a lot of things did. Birth control pills made the sexes equal. The ways we got our kicks were constantly changing. At some point out there at Foster's store there were more people back from a war than would ever go. That had never happened before. The luck of a draw could kill you or save you. There were things that were inspiring to some and downright dangerous to others. Then, ..some say it's all a bunch of nonsense.

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