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Unshackled Leadership

Building Businesses Based on Faith, Trust, Possibility and Abundance
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Scott Hunter
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This book reveals a groundbreaking 15-step program that enables business leaders to become unstuck from conventional and disempowering thinking and create positive and dramatic change within their companies. Hunter's book is an invaluable resource that lays out detailed techniques businesses can implement to create breakthrough outcomes and extraordinary performance. As American companies face increasingly precarious economic circumstances, it is incumbent on senior leaders to find new ways to motivate, inspire and engage their workforce. Significant numbers of people are unhappy in their jobs. A 2005 Gallup poll reported that only 11% of surveyed employees said they were strongly engaged at work. The CDC says it costs American companies over $300 billion each year on stress related claims, that's $7,500 per employee, all because people are unhappy and stressed out at work. Most leaders see the problem on a daily basis but the pathway to it's resolution has been unclear, until now. The Unshackled Leadership approach transforms the paradigm within which companies operate, waking leaders up to a whole new era of leadership so that the culture is redefined and everyone on the team can operate from a well-defined platform built on faith, trust, possibility and abundance. Hunter frees business leaders from the constraints of conventional thinking and shows them how to move into a leadership style that allows them to make conscious and wise choices, create relationships based on trust and respect, have a clear sense of purpose, take responsibility for their actions, and live with grace and ease. Scott Hunter developed the core concepts that are the foundation of the Unshackled Leadership model based on his 20-plus years of working in and analyzing organizations of every type and size. He observed that all successful organizations have enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, appreciative, and happy people who work together on behalf of a future they have all committed themselves to. The author contends that the process of generating such a culture can be learned and enshrined in every workplace. His 15-step program does just that.

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